What Is Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis?


Technical Analysis (TA) describes analyzing historic price and volume trends to predict the future price movements of assets. This form of analysis is accomplished by applying mathematical calculations called “technical indicators” to the historic and current price and volume data of an asset to detect and analyze trends (to preform “trend analysis“). Although this data can all be considered algorithmically, it is common for analysts to apply these indicators to charts (thus creating a way to analyze trends visually; to preform “chart analysis“).

Popular technical indicators used by technical analysts include potentially familiar terms like Moving Averages (MA), Elliot Waves (EW), and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

For example, in the image below, a version of the average price of Bitcoin over 12 and 26 days is plotted on the chart below to offer a visual of the direction of Bitcoin’s price (specifically this chart looks at 12 and 26 day exponential moving averages to give us a sense of how they are converging and diverging).


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What will you learn
  • Master technical Analysis

  • Master Candles

  • Master Trends

  • Good Concentration
  • Good internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of Bitcoin
  • One-on-one Online teaching


  • 19 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Basics of Technical Analysis
  • What is technical Analysis
  • what it assumes
  • Not a crystal ball
  • Forecasting Weather
  • But weatherman is wrong
  • Blackjack & Counting cards
  • How does an analyst make money
  • What charts can provide
  • TA Assumptions
  • In Summary
  • What are trends
  • Introducing Financial Charts
  • what are candles
  • What are trends
  • what are patterns
  • What are charts
  • Support and Resistance
  • Using Analogies

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Dejuan Heller - Mon, 01-Feb-2021

Hildegard Crona - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Maudie Hane - Sat, 09-Jan-2021

Lelia Windler - Tue, 26-Jan-2021

Orie Rolfson - Thu, 03-Dec-2020

Royal Kuhn - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Emilia Hilpert - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Ebba Shanahan - Tue, 15-Dec-2020

Marisa Simonis - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Chandler Wunsch - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Toy Sporer - Mon, 23-Nov-2020

Hubert Harris - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Darion Satterfield - Mon, 07-Dec-2020

Caitlyn Moen - Sun, 10-Jan-2021

Ivy VonRueden - Tue, 19-Jan-2021

Lance Schmitt - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Meagan Nolan - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Edyth Robel - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Elaina Schamberger - Tue, 26-Jan-2021

Darrick Murphy - Tue, 12-Jan-2021

Curt Rice - Mon, 26-Oct-2020

Gilbert VonRueden - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

Tara Volkman - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Gardner Huel - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Cheyanne Corkery - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Josianne Bradtke - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Kelly Ritchie - Mon, 25-Jan-2021

Doris Heathcote - Thu, 14-Jan-2021

Camren Walter - Thu, 19-Nov-2020

Braden Dietrich - Sun, 06-Dec-2020

Madaline Rau - Thu, 17-Dec-2020

Ernestina Nolan - Sat, 13-Feb-2021

Hilario Schamberger - Wed, 11-Nov-2020

Brooke Koss - Thu, 22-Oct-2020

Clint Lowe - Thu, 22-Oct-2020

Isabel Mertz - Thu, 21-Jan-2021

Geoffrey Abernathy - Tue, 08-Dec-2020

Travon Koch - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Manuela Bashirian - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Maurice Casper - Sat, 26-Dec-2020

Neva Kilback - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Marlin Hoppe - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Camron Turcotte - Fri, 18-Dec-2020

Davin Littel - Sat, 23-Jan-2021

Aryanna Stanton - Thu, 10-Dec-2020

Wilfredo Schaefer - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Glenda Wilderman - Mon, 28-Dec-2020

Emory Auer - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Nikolas Crooks - Thu, 28-Jan-2021

Elenora Batz - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Orie Rolfson - Sat, 09-Jan-2021

Charlene Gerhold - Mon, 14-Dec-2020

Jakayla Purdy - Sun, 01-Nov-2020

Mason Daniel - Sun, 08-Nov-2020

Pearline Purdy - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Angelita Langworth - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Price Huel - Tue, 08-Dec-2020

Jan Dare - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Verla Mayert - Wed, 09-Dec-2020

Maurice Casper - Mon, 04-Jan-2021

Cordie Halvorson - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Michele Ziemann - Mon, 26-Oct-2020

Cruz Parker - Sat, 07-Nov-2020

Vito Williamson - Mon, 16-Nov-2020

Jewel Kozey - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Mariah Krajcik - Tue, 10-Nov-2020

Sadye Kilback - Tue, 17-Nov-2020

Zack Hoeger - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Gerry Goyette - Wed, 18-Nov-2020

Hortense Koss - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Lessie Rolfson - Tue, 05-Jan-2021

Floyd Thompson - Fri, 06-Nov-2020

Tevin Fritsch - Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Jordon Crooks - Wed, 10-Feb-2021

Irma Schimmel - Fri, 11-Dec-2020

Winston Schultz - Mon, 18-Jan-2021

Marlin Beer - Tue, 05-Jan-2021

Kaylin Weber - Fri, 23-Oct-2020

Garth Grady - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Antwan Sipes - Wed, 03-Feb-2021

Dario Nitzsche - Mon, 14-Dec-2020

Milan Kozey - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Kelley Mosciski - Mon, 01-Feb-2021

Jamey Keebler - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Gina Koelpin - Sat, 09-Jan-2021

Haylee Flatley - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Zane Terry - Fri, 22-Jan-2021

Jorge Kuhic - Thu, 07-Jan-2021

Lucienne Paucek - Thu, 04-Feb-2021

Francesco Hoppe - Thu, 11-Feb-2021

Cecil Corwin - Wed, 13-Jan-2021

Aiyana Hackett - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Isabella Beahan - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Jackson Kessler - Sun, 17-Jan-2021

Imani Halvorson - Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Blaze Feeney - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Cicero Daniel - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Jerel Herzog - Sat, 06-Feb-2021

Layla Zboncak - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Celine Schmeler - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Tevin Runte - Fri, 12-Feb-2021

Clotilde Wilkinson - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Darlene Zemlak - Sun, 17-Jan-2021

Annamae Littel - Mon, 02-Nov-2020

Chaim Lang - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Milford Bergstrom - Tue, 15-Dec-2020

Katlyn Bechtelar - Sat, 24-Oct-2020

Florence Witting - Sat, 30-Jan-2021

Eleanora Deckow - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Lilyan Kohler - Wed, 17-Feb-2021

Euna Maggio - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Ardith Rogahn - Thu, 03-Dec-2020

Emelie Bernier - Tue, 08-Dec-2020

Lloyd Carroll - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Norbert Mraz - Tue, 10-Nov-2020

Katlyn Bechtelar - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Laron Wiza - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Magnolia Moore - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Cade Rutherford - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Wellington Mitchell - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Elva Wolf - Sun, 22-Nov-2020

Annabel Swaniawski - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Irma Schimmel - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Nelda Koelpin - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Jeromy Bogan - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Cooper Brakus - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Lizeth Huel - Fri, 13-Nov-2020

Kristin Bailey - Wed, 04-Nov-2020

Gerson Powlowski - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Zachery Rath - Mon, 25-Jan-2021

Tommie Emmerich - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Meghan Mills - Mon, 04-Jan-2021

Dylan Roberts - Fri, 08-Jan-2021

Sadye Kerluke - Tue, 03-Nov-2020

Heath Treutel - Mon, 08-Feb-2021

Santino Lesch - Thu, 15-Oct-2020

Millie Wuckert - Fri, 20-Nov-2020

Santina Mayert - Tue, 12-Jan-2021

Cullen Hegmann - Tue, 29-Dec-2020

Ethel Fritsch - Thu, 14-Jan-2021

Nadia Brekke - Wed, 06-Jan-2021

Horacio Howe - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Chyna Collier - Mon, 25-Jan-2021

Carolyn Lockman - Fri, 18-Dec-2020

Garnet Morissette - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Mariah Krajcik - Sun, 15-Nov-2020

Makenzie Kris - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Gerard Hegmann - Sat, 21-Nov-2020

Wellington Von - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Caesar Botsford - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Amber Price - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Adela Witting - Sat, 07-Nov-2020

Bart Schoen - Mon, 08-Feb-2021

Reginald McKenzie - Sat, 23-Jan-2021

Bernadette Renner - Mon, 07-Dec-2020

Gerard Hegmann - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Amani Medhurst - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Walton Gleichner - Fri, 06-Nov-2020

Cody Welch - Wed, 09-Dec-2020

Ben McKenzie - Sat, 30-Jan-2021

Samara Erdman - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Coralie Schowalter - Sun, 07-Feb-2021

Chaim Lang - Mon, 30-Nov-2020

Coleman Towne - Sun, 06-Dec-2020

Jaida Osinski - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Whitney Paucek - Tue, 09-Feb-2021

Adolfo Lebsack - Thu, 21-Jan-2021

Maude Davis - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Nakia Weimann - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Vilma Tillman - Thu, 22-Oct-2020

Kariane Larson - Thu, 07-Jan-2021

Brooke Medhurst - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Ewald VonRueden - Sat, 28-Nov-2020

Jackie Hartmann - Tue, 20-Oct-2020

Elian Waters - Wed, 27-Jan-2021

Julien Pacocha - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Lindsey Blick - Sat, 14-Nov-2020

Tavares Hills - Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Delphine Kunze - Wed, 23-Dec-2020

Maximillia Stokes - Mon, 16-Nov-2020

Rahsaan Jones - Tue, 29-Dec-2020

Rowena Wehner - Fri, 08-Jan-2021

Rosamond Torp - Sat, 26-Dec-2020

Guy Goodwin - Fri, 05-Feb-2021

Imelda Cruickshank - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Hubert Harris - Mon, 08-Feb-2021

Carley McClure - Sat, 16-Jan-2021

Johnson Nikolaus - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Jorge Luettgen - Mon, 28-Dec-2020

Sibyl Lubowitz - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Lurline Leffler - Tue, 03-Nov-2020

Kelli Rowe - Thu, 28-Jan-2021

Lolita Renner - Sat, 12-Dec-2020

Tevin Fritsch - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Cielo Miller - Tue, 29-Dec-2020

Kiel Carroll - Thu, 10-Dec-2020

Edyth Hermiston - Sat, 30-Jan-2021

Erica Cremin - Wed, 02-Dec-2020

Dejah Ankunding - Sat, 06-Feb-2021

Wiley Bayer - Mon, 02-Nov-2020

Erich Gleason - Mon, 23-Nov-2020

Michele Rohan - Wed, 18-Nov-2020

Winston Schultz - Tue, 01-Dec-2020

Itzel Erdman - Mon, 14-Dec-2020

Breana Crist - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Hazle Yost - Sat, 05-Dec-2020

Stanford Bruen - Tue, 01-Dec-2020

Greyson Beatty - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Marge Herman - Mon, 18-Jan-2021

Whitney Rice - Fri, 29-Jan-2021

Alanis Shanahan - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Shaun Hagenes - Sun, 01-Nov-2020

Eda Bins - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Arvid McDermott - Mon, 04-Jan-2021

Gerard Hegmann - Fri, 22-Jan-2021

Marisa Simonis - Wed, 06-Jan-2021

Bernardo Donnelly - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Irma Satterfield - Tue, 12-Jan-2021

Jarrod Wilkinson - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

Henry Brown - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Buddy Heaney - Fri, 19-Feb-2021

Kennedy Schultz - Tue, 19-Jan-2021

Carley Gleichner - Tue, 03-Nov-2020

Jorge Luettgen - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Abner Koelpin - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Marge Roob - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Emory Auer - Sat, 06-Feb-2021

Angelica McDermott - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Erna Bauch - Wed, 02-Dec-2020

Elva McKenzie - Sun, 03-Jan-2021

Arely Prohaska - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Jace Halvorson - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Gilbert VonRueden - Wed, 16-Dec-2020

Francisco Towne - Tue, 12-Jan-2021

Dario Nitzsche - Sun, 03-Jan-2021

Luigi Borer - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Ivy VonRueden - Sun, 01-Nov-2020

Lyla Block - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Danny Zemlak - Sun, 06-Dec-2020

Maximus Hills - Thu, 19-Nov-2020

Garland Schmitt - Mon, 25-Jan-2021

Hailie Fay - Wed, 16-Dec-2020

Santiago Mante - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Chaim Lang - Wed, 11-Nov-2020

Halie Kling - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Erica Cremin - Mon, 18-Jan-2021

Vita Glover - Tue, 01-Dec-2020

Karli Spencer - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Gerry Glover - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

John Kohler - Tue, 10-Nov-2020

Whitney Rice - Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Joey Sporer - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Euna Kulas - Mon, 01-Feb-2021

Ole Mayer - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Jarrod Fadel - Mon, 02-Nov-2020

Emmanuel Shields - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Marlin Beer - Sun, 15-Nov-2020

Sadye Kilback - Tue, 22-Dec-2020

Bernadette Renner - Sat, 12-Dec-2020

Haley Casper - Sun, 06-Dec-2020

Jarrell Bechtelar - Tue, 22-Dec-2020

Jorge Kuhic - Thu, 04-Feb-2021

Anya Jones - Mon, 04-Jan-2021

Jaclyn Kunde - Mon, 02-Nov-2020

Edward Corkery - Thu, 19-Nov-2020

Eda Bins - Wed, 03-Feb-2021

Andrew Terry - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Heather Haag - Wed, 13-Jan-2021

Eden Skiles - Fri, 30-Oct-2020

Miracle King - Sun, 13-Dec-2020

Lilla Frami - Thu, 14-Jan-2021

Ole Mayer - Wed, 10-Feb-2021

Candida Medhurst - Tue, 08-Dec-2020

Eric Okuneva - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Rowena Wehner - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Ruthe Marvin - Fri, 18-Dec-2020

Lelia Grimes - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Deon Kassulke - Tue, 20-Oct-2020

Gregory Weber - Sun, 13-Dec-2020

Lindsey Blick - Wed, 17-Feb-2021

Johnathan King - Wed, 17-Feb-2021

May Gislason - Thu, 12-Nov-2020

Marina Kuhn - Wed, 20-Jan-2021

Grace Hickle - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Jerel Herzog - Fri, 20-Nov-2020

Harrison Willms - Fri, 16-Oct-2020

Dewayne Bernier - Sat, 21-Nov-2020

Teresa Schimmel - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Delphia Herzog - Wed, 02-Dec-2020

Aron Borer - Wed, 03-Feb-2021

Maia Bruen - Sat, 21-Nov-2020

Shaniya Reichert - Tue, 09-Feb-2021

Jan Dare - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Sarai Kunde - Sat, 16-Jan-2021

Sigurd Huel - Thu, 03-Dec-2020

Yolanda Wyman - Thu, 05-Nov-2020

Carissa Mueller - Sun, 22-Nov-2020

Amelie Koepp - Tue, 22-Dec-2020

Art Bauch - Mon, 07-Dec-2020

Delphine Kunze - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Jennyfer Lakin - Sun, 29-Nov-2020

Filiberto Rohan - Wed, 21-Oct-2020

Geoffrey Gorczany - Fri, 20-Nov-2020

Koby Fadel - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Kirk Doyle - Fri, 06-Nov-2020

Breanne Grady - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Destiny Corkery - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Kelley Mosciski - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Liliane Mraz - Mon, 07-Dec-2020

Fannie Schiller - Sun, 10-Jan-2021

Dolly Gleason - Wed, 04-Nov-2020

Jeromy Bogan - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Rolando Rippin - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Leora Hane - Sun, 07-Feb-2021

Augustine Boyer - Thu, 04-Feb-2021

Maya Bogan - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Jovany Hilll - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Camron Turcotte - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Vincenzo Pfannerstill - Mon, 14-Dec-2020

Cody Welch - Tue, 05-Jan-2021

Erick Macejkovic - Sun, 10-Jan-2021

Branson Boyer - Thu, 31-Dec-2020

Savannah Heathcote - Mon, 09-Nov-2020

Rico Johns - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Marilie Cummings - Sun, 13-Dec-2020

Aaliyah Connelly - Tue, 29-Dec-2020

Tyra Mayer - Thu, 21-Jan-2021

Jace Halvorson - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Zoila Koelpin - Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Miracle King - Sat, 09-Jan-2021

Aleen Kertzmann - Wed, 04-Nov-2020

Alexane Metz - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Tanner Bode - Mon, 18-Jan-2021

Benton Keeling - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Lucas Weimann - Fri, 16-Oct-2020

Elenora Batz - Fri, 12-Feb-2021

Nya Oberbrunner - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Ena Cronin - Tue, 01-Dec-2020

Cicero Daniel - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Karli Spencer - Thu, 17-Dec-2020

Aiyana Ruecker - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

Mallie Bednar - Wed, 04-Nov-2020

Emile Strosin - Thu, 28-Jan-2021

Fannie Schowalter - Thu, 12-Nov-2020

Coleman Towne - Thu, 31-Dec-2020

Nakia Weimann - Wed, 20-Jan-2021

Alicia Sporer - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Kaylin Weber - Wed, 11-Nov-2020

Wiley Bayer - Thu, 11-Feb-2021

Preston Ziemann - Sat, 05-Dec-2020

Heber Shanahan - Fri, 08-Jan-2021

Deven Schumm - Sun, 22-Nov-2020

Jovanny Lesch - Mon, 26-Oct-2020

Sonny Crooks - Tue, 10-Nov-2020

Nelson Herzog - Sun, 08-Nov-2020

Myrtis Stiedemann - Mon, 07-Dec-2020

Mohammed Wilderman - Sun, 07-Feb-2021

Eugenia Brekke - Sun, 20-Dec-2020

Ruby Stanton - Fri, 12-Feb-2021

Ruben Beahan - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Lue Haley - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Gia Towne - Fri, 06-Nov-2020

Lera Fisher - Thu, 03-Dec-2020

Theresa Ullrich - Mon, 19-Oct-2020

Delta Runolfsdottir - Sat, 13-Feb-2021

Matt Donnelly - Sun, 20-Dec-2020

Doris Pagac - Sat, 28-Nov-2020

Vivienne Howell - Wed, 10-Feb-2021

Mariela Bergnaum - Sat, 16-Jan-2021

Retha Bauch - Thu, 14-Jan-2021

Edwin Rath - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Glennie Macejkovic - Wed, 23-Dec-2020

Amparo Huels - Thu, 03-Dec-2020

Nola Bode - Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Cathryn Klein - Thu, 11-Feb-2021

Jaylan Macejkovic - Sun, 08-Nov-2020

Madge Reynolds - Sat, 13-Feb-2021

Golda Ortiz - Mon, 07-Dec-2020

Linnie Lakin - Sat, 09-Jan-2021

Ernestina Nolan - Thu, 28-Jan-2021

Gilberto Hegmann - Fri, 11-Dec-2020

Myrtis Stiedemann - Sat, 12-Dec-2020

Augustine Boyer - Sat, 24-Oct-2020

Georgianna Stehr - Fri, 29-Jan-2021

Audreanne Rau - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Estrella Raynor - Fri, 20-Nov-2020

Gideon Barton - Sat, 30-Jan-2021

Skye Muller - Sat, 16-Jan-2021

Yolanda Wyman - Sun, 03-Jan-2021

Kayden Keebler - Sun, 07-Feb-2021

Isadore Casper - Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Virgie Fay - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Marlin Swaniawski - Wed, 28-Oct-2020

Julien Gerhold - Fri, 16-Oct-2020

Telly Hand - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Harrison Willms - Mon, 09-Nov-2020

Isai Jerde - Wed, 23-Dec-2020

Madelynn Swaniawski - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Clemens Marks - Mon, 08-Feb-2021

Colleen Howell - Wed, 09-Dec-2020

Miller Little - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Chanel Hegmann - Tue, 08-Dec-2020

Zola Lebsack - Mon, 26-Oct-2020

Cayla Considine - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Willow Bernier - Sun, 24-Jan-2021

Napoleon White - Mon, 09-Nov-2020

Jacinto Ullrich - Sat, 05-Dec-2020

Euna Kulas - Fri, 19-Feb-2021

Jaiden Schowalter - Tue, 17-Nov-2020

Amani Medhurst - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Monty Roberts - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Katrina Gerhold - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Gerry Goyette - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Priscilla Lebsack - Thu, 18-Feb-2021

Malvina Auer - Tue, 10-Nov-2020

Judson Pouros - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Osbaldo Weissnat - Sat, 06-Feb-2021

Tevin Stoltenberg - Mon, 14-Dec-2020

Deven Wilderman - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Ansel Kreiger - Sat, 14-Nov-2020

Roosevelt Witting - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Lucius Howe - Mon, 23-Nov-2020

Barney Effertz - Sat, 14-Nov-2020

Marshall Feeney - Mon, 08-Feb-2021

Verla Stamm - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

Francesco Hoppe - Fri, 18-Dec-2020

Earlene Kautzer - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Jennings Reinger - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Madge Mohr - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Heber Shanahan - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Zakary Thiel - Sat, 09-Jan-2021

Charity Schumm - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Francisco Towne - Sat, 21-Nov-2020

Amelie Koepp - Sat, 19-Dec-2020

Pearl Hauck - Sat, 26-Dec-2020

Lavon Goyette - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Brannon Russel - Thu, 04-Feb-2021

Emmanuelle Ankunding - Sun, 08-Nov-2020

Isadore Casper - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Carey Treutel - Fri, 15-Jan-2021

Malvina Auer - Sat, 12-Dec-2020

Shanna Rohan - Fri, 23-Oct-2020

Dina Hoeger - Sat, 28-Nov-2020

Neal Zieme - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Sammie Johnson - Wed, 21-Oct-2020

Lionel Hodkiewicz - Thu, 21-Jan-2021

Tremayne Quitzon - Sat, 30-Jan-2021

Austyn Keebler - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

Augustine Boyer - Mon, 25-Jan-2021

Laury Stark - Fri, 08-Jan-2021

Sallie Kuhlman - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Kelli Rowe - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

Thora Kessler - Thu, 28-Jan-2021

Keven Kreiger - Fri, 30-Oct-2020

Zack Satterfield - Thu, 22-Oct-2020

Kathleen Koepp - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Bessie Daugherty - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Myles Price - Mon, 23-Nov-2020

Aryanna Witting - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Odie Williamson - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Marianna Bogisich - Sat, 16-Jan-2021

Jewel Kozey - Sun, 25-Oct-2020

Ally Pollich - Wed, 25-Nov-2020

John Walker - Wed, 10-Feb-2021

Elenora Shields - Mon, 21-Dec-2020

Carmella West - Tue, 16-Feb-2021

Shanie Abshire - Fri, 25-Dec-2020

Bonita Wilderman - Sun, 27-Dec-2020

Winnifred Langworth - Mon, 23-Nov-2020

Mariah Lindgren - Fri, 06-Nov-2020

Lessie Rolfson - Mon, 02-Nov-2020

Golda Hilpert - Wed, 04-Nov-2020

Carley McClure - Fri, 04-Dec-2020

Keenan Carroll - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Malvina Swaniawski - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

Sunny Reichert - Sun, 29-Nov-2020

Brain Grady - Thu, 26-Nov-2020

Jarrod Wilkinson - Thu, 28-Jan-2021

Anita Torp - Wed, 13-Jan-2021

Jaclyn Kunde - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

Stephon DuBuque - Thu, 18-Feb-2021

Torrance Predovic - Sun, 08-Nov-2020

Andreane Bartell - Thu, 12-Nov-2020

Rogelio Corkery - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Norma Morissette - Fri, 20-Nov-2020

Meggie Nicolas - Fri, 01-Jan-2021

Bret Emard - Sun, 31-Jan-2021

May Gislason - Tue, 22-Dec-2020

Maci Lubowitz - Tue, 19-Jan-2021

Gabriella Windler - Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Davin Mayer - Fri, 16-Oct-2020

Curt Rice - Sat, 13-Feb-2021

Bartholome Stamm - Sat, 05-Dec-2020

Guido Walter - Thu, 24-Dec-2020

Zachery Rath - Fri, 19-Feb-2021

Golda Ortiz - Fri, 30-Oct-2020

Madelynn Swaniawski - Sun, 20-Dec-2020

Jarred Leannon - Mon, 28-Dec-2020

Eugenia Brekke - Sun, 29-Nov-2020

Melody Kozey - Mon, 04-Jan-2021

Maximilian Reilly - Sat, 13-Feb-2021

Lew Block - Thu, 03-Dec-2020

Sonny Crooks - Sat, 02-Jan-2021

Kathleen Koepp - Sun, 03-Jan-2021

Mabelle Wunsch - Tue, 19-Jan-2021

Laney Denesik - Sat, 12-Dec-2020

Elliot Orn - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Stanford Bruen - Sun, 18-Oct-2020

Jimmie Hagenes - Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Ahmad Kihn - Mon, 25-Jan-2021

Kieran Muller - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Tabitha Denesik - Tue, 10-Nov-2020

Winston Herzog - Wed, 13-Jan-2021

Jonathan Boyle - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Leora Frami - Thu, 31-Dec-2020

Filiberto Ernser - Mon, 09-Nov-2020

Johnathan Kuhn - Thu, 11-Feb-2021

Daphney Howe - Sun, 10-Jan-2021

Keely Cormier - Fri, 27-Nov-2020

Clark Bergnaum - Sat, 19-Dec-2020

Darryl Russel - Sun, 17-Jan-2021

Tommie Emmerich - Wed, 04-Nov-2020

Alden Welch - Mon, 08-Feb-2021

Cristopher Will - Tue, 20-Oct-2020

Kelli Rowe - Wed, 30-Dec-2020

Ferne Jenkins - Thu, 21-Jan-2021

Priscilla Kub - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Coleman Towne - Tue, 02-Feb-2021

Mossie Hegmann - Mon, 02-Nov-2020

Jamaal Halvorson - Wed, 23-Dec-2020

Angelita Schamberger - Sun, 07-Feb-2021

Evans Jenkins - Fri, 22-Jan-2021

Aurore Johns - Sat, 07-Nov-2020

Claude Bailey - Wed, 28-Oct-2020

Kim Kautzer - Tue, 26-Jan-2021

Genevieve Ondricka - Mon, 11-Jan-2021

Marlin Beer - Tue, 09-Feb-2021

Graham Hauck - Mon, 16-Nov-2020

Giuseppe Heidenreich - Sat, 13-Feb-2021

Amina Gerlach - Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Adah Marvin - Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Geovanni Bailey - Sun, 22-Nov-2020

Genevieve Bartell - Fri, 23-Oct-2020

Alanis Shanahan - Mon, 28-Dec-2020

Conrad Torphy - Tue, 27-Oct-2020

Winston Kuhlman - Sat, 20-Feb-2021

Frank Hauck - Sat, 12-Dec-2020

Quincy Wolf - Sat, 31-Oct-2020

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